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SCC supplies less than half of 80m-litre-water against demand

SCC supplies less than half ofSufferings of the city dwellers have gone serious as the authority failed to supply even fifty per cent of the demand for drinking water.

However, about 25 per cent of the supplied water is also being misused by the subscribers, the officials alleged.

Meantime, the Sylhet City Corporation (SCC) has decided for setting metres on the subscribers’ line with a view to reducing the misuse of water supplied through its system.

The decision was taken at a meeting for the SCC on October 7, officials informed.

Against the daily demand for 80 million litres, the SCC supplies about 30 million litres through its 30 production wells and a water treatment plant, official sources informed. The deficit demand is still a matter of concern, they admitted.

But, the subscribers’ negligence and misuse has been wasting about 25 per cent of the supplied water, an official said. “We have started setting metres on the subscriber’s connections. Already 300 metres had been set, he added.”

The SCC, at the time of approval of new water connections is charging Tk 7200 for the metre from new subscribers.

SCC chief engineer Nur Azizur Rahman said, “We would set the metres on the connections for reducing the wastage by the subscribers.”

However, a number of subscribers alleged corruption and mismanagement at the water supply section of the SCC, has been causing much.

On the other hand subscribers in many areas in the city had been deprived of getting minimum water through the existing supply lines.

Even some subscribers had stopped paying their water bills.

On the other hand, the SCC has been arranging payment of water bill through mobile banking.

Initially 4246 subscribers out of 13300 will get the facility and an official informed, all the subscribers will be included as soon as possible.