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Prices up at Sylhet kitchen markets

42The prices of various essentials, including vegetables, have gone up in the Sylhet kitchen markets with significant differences of price at the retail level.
“The price of almost every vegetable has soared this week. I bought 1 kg of pointed gourd at Tk 30-35 and bitter ground at Tk 50 last week, but now they (sellers) are demanding Tk 40-45 for pointed gourd and Tk 60 for bitter ground,” said Runa, a businesswoman and a resident of Subidbazar who came to buy her daily needs at Bondorbazar.
Meanwhile, traders at Bondorbazar, Amborkhana and Mirabazar kitchen markets said the prices of vegetables will start to plummet by the next month when winter vegetables will be available in the market.
Green chili was selling at Tk 80-100 per kg while brinjal at Tk 50-60, green papaya at Tk 30, onion at Tk 65 and potato at Tk 25 at the three kitchen markets on Friday.
The price of these commodities varied Tk 5 to Tk 10 at different retail markets.
Beef price was Tk 390-400 per kg while mutton Tk 580-600 per kg, broiler chicken Tk 115-120 per kg, broiler egg Tk 105 per dozen and egg (local duck) was selling at Tk 120 per dozen.
The beef price remains stable since Eid-ul-Adza while the prices of fishes shot up in the market.