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Students taking lessons under trees in Dakshin Surma

38Students of a government primary school have long been taking classes under trees in Dakshin Surma  upazila in Dakshin Surma  for lack of a suitable school building.
Talibazar Primary School was established in 1915, and a building was constructed in the following year. Later in 1920, the school was nationalised.
However, within a few years of its construction, plasters from the roof and walls of the school building started flaking off due to faulty construction leaving the classrooms unsuitable for holding classes.
Most importantly, as chunks of plasters from the roof fell on students injuring three of them while in a class, the school building was declared abandoned in 2009. Since then students are taking classes under the open sky as there are no suitable arrangements for holding classes.
Recently, a portion of the roof has collapsed down triggering an apprehension that a fatal accident may happen anytime as the tender children frequently go into the broken building unknowingly risking their lives.
President of the governing body Md. Alkas Miha said, “It is very unfortunate that we are unable to provide a congenial atmosphere to the children in the school. As they cannot sit on benches in classrooms, students cannot concentrate on learning, ultimately ruining their future life.”
Headmaster of the school told, “I could neither take classes nor enter the school building for 11/12 years due to its decrepit condition. Furthermore, I have almost no benches for the students to sit on, compelling them to flooring.”
“I had written many times to the authority concerned for a new building, taking DO letter from the local Member of Parliament. However, no action is yet to be taken,” He added.
Farjana Akhtar, mother of a class IV student Jarna Akhtar, said that she always remained in oscillation, whether she should send her ward to this school or not amidst the precarious condition of classrooms there.
Some students, of class V told this correspondent that their predicaments knew no bounds while taking classes.
It is an irony of fate that they were to take classes under the open sky sitting in the field while students in other schools were having classrooms suitable enough to concentrate on studies in, they added.