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Meet today to fix next year’s entry policy for govt instts : Area-based school admission mooted

64The government will take initiatives to admit students to Class I in their local schools to spare them the trauma related to admission.
The education ministry will hold a meeting at the Secretariat today (Tuesday) on the admissions policy for the next year for government schools. The ministry is working on the plan after getting directives from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. School admissions, especially in cities, are a big hassle for parents who aim for the most renowned institutions. But such institutions are too few to satisfy everyone.
Even if they manage to gain admission in a renowned school, the suffering does not end, but only begins. It is a long journey to and from school everyday, which is especially hard on the children.
The government wants the children to get admitted into schools in their locality. However, officials of the education ministry admitted that the plan, though good, is difficult to implement.
A source in the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (DSHE) said they received a letter from the education ministry on October 7 on ‘Improving School and College Performance’.
The source said initially it will not be possible to admit all students from a particular area to a specific institution; rather, there will be a quota for 40 to 50 per cent of the students from their respective areas.
DSHE director general Prof Fahima Khatun told The Independent the area-based admissions process will begin from November, and that this will be discussed in the meeting. “The education ministry asked us to send some recommendations about the new admission system. We have recommended having catchment areas for every school. We have also suggested that area-based teachers be appointed,” she added. She, however, said nothing has been decided yet, and all matters will be discussed in the meeting.
Mufath Ahmed, additional secretary of the education ministry, said, “It’s a prudent decision to admit students to area-based educational institutions, but considering the reality, it will take time.”
“Nothing can be said right now about the new system. However, it will be discussed at the meeting,” he added.
He also pointed out if the system is introduced, the standards of educational institutions will go up, as quality teachers will be appointed and infrastructure developed.
Admissions to Class I are carried out through lotteries, in which thousands of students take part. While the ministry is thinking of quota for area-based admission, there are already quotas for freedom fighters and children of the staff of the education department.
Though there is no quota for siblings studying in the same institution, the education policy has stated that it should be considered. Asked about this, the DG said, “There is a government directive that siblings will get priority for admission to the same institution.”
Abdul Khaleque, principal of Government Laboratory High School, said, “There is no quota for siblings studying in the same institution, but we have directives in the education policy to consider the matter.”
According to the existing 2014 admission policy, the admission committee can divide the government schools into various clusters considering the location of the institutions.
An applicant can apply for a single school in each cluster and if anyone applies for more than one school, the application is cancelled, the admission policy said.
The existing policy also said the selection of students in Class-I is made through lottery and the lottery is conducted in presence of the admission committee members.