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Puja festivity gets momentum in Sylhet : amidst worshipping Kumari

Durga Puja begins in SylhetThe Hindu community on Thursday observed Maha Ashtami through performing the day’s main attraction Kumari Puja in the Sylhet city as elsewhere in the Sylhet district.
The Kumari Puja started at Ramkrishono Missoin Mondir in the city’s Kotwali thana at around 12 noon.
The Goddess Durga is worshipped in various forms during the five-day Sharodiya Durgotsab and one of those is worshiping Kumari as an epitome of virginity.
Several thousand Hindu devotees assembled at the city’s lone Kumari Puja venue to welcome and worship goddess Kumari at the podium.
13-year-old Bornali Chowdhury, daughter of local businessman Anjon Chowdhury and a class seven student of city’s Agrogami Girls’ High School, was worshipped as Kumari.
Devotees of all ages offered flowers at the feet of the Kumari adorning the girl with gold, silver and clothes, as part of their rites seeking blessings from the Goddess.
The organisers also arranged cultural programmes on the occasion and later, Mohaprasad (sweets) along with anjali (flowers) was distributed among the devotees present there.
All puja mandaps were given enchanting looks with colourful designs and lights while additional members of law enforcement agency have been deployed in all the temples in the city to maintain law and order situation during the festival
Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP), district police and Puja committee source said, there was no report of any untoward incidents centering the Durga puja celebrations.
SMP sources said a five to seven-member team of law enforcers has been deployed at every Puja Mandap and adequate numbers of law enforcer including, Armed Police Battalion members have already been deployed in all areas where members of Hindhu community reside to maintain law and order.
Besides, plainclothes policemen, members of the different intelligent agencies including Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and RAB personnel will also keep vigil at the area.
Besides, district and Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP) have already opened separate control room