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Beauty blog: a yay or a nay?

10In the era of social networking, where you can find everything online, one thing that is taking hype is online beauty blog. Not only these blogs are easy to access, they also spread out much more knowledge than any other source.
Imagine, if you wish to learn a particular make-up tip what would you choose? Going out to saloon and shedding a lot of money at one place or going online and learning the same thing from different artists without paying a penny?
Talking about online beauty blogs at DLF Promenade’s Timeless Beauty campaign, Anupriya from ‘All About Women’ said, “Online blogs connect a fashion blogger to her readers easily as people today want quick information and easy ways to do things, they don’t wish to spend 10 hours in learning one make-up hack.”
Claiming that her online experience has been awesome, Anupriya added that it is much easier to do things online rather than on an offline mode, where you have to wait for things to come up.
Fashion blogger from B4beauty, Manvi, said that online blogs help viewers with DIY (do it yourself) tips, which are given by experts instead of spending a lot of money on things they actually don’t need.
She further said, “Earlier when I used to work with a fashion magazine, I was unable to connect with my readers, but online I am able to connect to my readers and I instantly get to know whether they liked my story or not.”
Meanwhile, blogger Nidhi Arora claimed that purchasing cosmetics after reading about it on blogs creates value for money of that product because no one wishes to spend on products that won’t get used and that’s the significance of online blogs.
So, next time when you wish to learn a new make-up hack or plan to buy a new product, take a trip online instead of shelling out your money. (ANI)