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Are you interested in helping shape your local NHS?

41e local NHS is seeking residents interested in improving local health services to join a Community Commissioning Panel which will help bring the point of view of local people to the forefront of health services.

NHS Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is looking for local people from communities across the borough to join a Community Commissioning Panel, running from spring 2016. The panel will challenge, develop and shape health strategy and policy developed within NHS Tower Hamlets CCG and will enable the CCG to improve the quality of health services.

This part-time role will involve attending meetings, taking on specific projects with the CCG’s governing body and playing an integral part in the CCG’s decision making process. The meetings will typically take place every four to six weeks and last for up to two hours.

There is no need for prior experience or specialist knowledge but you must be committed to attend all sessions.

Sir Sam Everington, local GP and chair of NHS Tower Hamlets CCG said:

“Involving patients and the public is at the heart of what the CCG does. We strongly encourage and promote engagement and feedback from the local people who use our services to tell us what is working well, and where improvements can be made.

“Being part of the Community Commissioning Panel is a great opportunity for local people who have are interested in healthcare to really get involved and help make a difference from the very beginning – from the planning and design to the monitoring of quality and performance of healthcare services.”