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Tower Hamlets Council nominated for awards

34Tower Hamlets Council’s unique Find it, Fix it, Love it (FiFiLi) app and Assistive Technology (AT) Strategy Team have been nominated for prestigious awards.
The FiFiLi app and AT Strategy Team have both been shortlisted in the Innovation category.
FiFiLi is also nominated in the Environment category of the Local Government Chronicle (LGC) Awards 2016, the 20th year since the inception of the LGC Awards.
FiFiLi is the only public sector app that actively celebrates its surrounding area, launched as part of the council’s commitment to make the borough an even cleaner and safer place to live, work or visit.
It gives residents and visitors the chance to alert the council to something they love about Tower Hamlets or something that needs fixing.
Residents and visitors can use FiFiLi to instantly tell the council about any issues that need addressing.
This includes things such as anti-social behaviour (ASB), crime, rough sleeping, graffiti, fly-tipping, broken play equipment or streetlights, pot holes, overflowing bins or anything else worth mentioning.
By simply taking a picture of a problem, the app pinpoints the location of the issue. This will send the details directly to the right department within the council, ensuring problems are dealt with swiftly.
The Assistive Technology (AT) project brings innovative technology to health and social care services, helping residents to live independently in their own homes, and reducing the need for further interventions.
For example, the council installs alarms for when people fall over in their homes and need assistance or provides automatic medicine dispensers for people that might need extra prompts to remember to take their tablets.
The team also provides a range of devices from basic pendant alarms to epilepsy monitors that are either linked to the in-house response service or used on a stand-alone basis to support independence and safety in the community.
The AT Strategy Team runs a number of pioneering pilot projects. The Independent Travel Training scheme uses bespoke tech and smartphone applications to support and encourage independent travel. Another is the Pill Dispenser Pilot where, working with GPs, people use technology to manage their medication and improve their quality of life.
Cllr Ayas Miah, cabinet member for environment, said: “It is wonderful that our innovative app has been recognised by the LGC Awards judging panel. I urge all residents and visitors of the borough to download the app to celebrate the borough and alert us quickly when problems need addressing.”
“This modern tool is crucial for residents and visitors to easily get in touch with the council. We are very proud that FiFiLi has been shortlisted for an innovation award despite the strong entries from many other local authorities across the country.”
Cllr Amy Whitelock Gibbs added: “Tower Hamlets has been successfully providing residents with help to remain living independently in their own homes, working across health and social care, and delivering a truly joined up service for local people.
“It is something that we are incredibly happy to provide those who need it and it is an honour that we have been recognised by the LGC Awards panel.”