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Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘Not even God can please everyone’

11 Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo said that he isn’t bothered by those who criticise him for being overconfident.
“There are people who hate me, who say I’m vain, or arrogant, or this or that,” Ronaldo said in an interview to be published in Sunday’s El Mundo newspaper in Spain. “That’s part of my success. I was born to be the best. That’s the way I am, and if all my achievements in football are down to that, then I wouldn’t change a thing. I go to bed every night with a clear conscience and sleep perfectly well.”
Ronaldo on Wednesday helped ease the pressure on Los Blancos manager Rafa Benitez as his two goals inspired Real Madrid to a 3-1 win over Real Sociedad. He tweeted this message to his fans on Thursday.
“You can’t live obsessing about what other people think about you, if you did, you wouldn’t live. Not even God can please everyone,” Ronaldo said in the interview.Now almost 31, 2015 has not been Ronaldo’s best season, but he does have 25 goals in all competitions this season and is finishing the year with 57 goals in 58 games for club and country. That might be his lowest tally in four calendar years but, without him, Madrid would really be in trouble.
“I feel good helping others a little, or a lot. God gives me twice as much. After becoming a father, I look at life in a different way.” he said.
According to the well-respected El Larguero radio show Ronaldo, who openly gestured to fans to get behind the team during the 10-2 win against Rayo Vallecano before Christmas, has said he will leave club if he keeps getting whistled by the club-sanctioned ultras at the Bernabeu.
“I handle [pressure] well because of the difficult life I’ve had,” he said. “I am who I am because of all the time I spent away from my family and getting through the difficult times. At 11 years-old I had to iron my own clothes, my mental strength comes from those times.” ESPNFC