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Muhith dissatisfied over ADP implementation rate

7Bangladesh needs high rate to improve implementation of Annual Development Programme (ADP), according to Finance Minister AMA Abdul Muhith.

But it achieved only 93 to 95% rate. This rate is not enough to achieve high ambitious budget, Muhith said.

He voiced his dissatisfaction during the Parliament session Parliament while participating in general discussions on the President’s speech.

A special project has been undertaken  to develop the human resources of the government , the minister said.

Under the project, small projects are now being prepared for different sectors with the focus on skills.

There will be big changes in the national budget from the next fiscal, he said.

The government will place a special budget in the general budget for capital projects like Padma Bridge, Rooppur Project, Maheshkhali Energy Centre project and Matarbari Power Station.

The minister said the size of the national budget is likely to be Tk 4.40 lakh to Tk 4.50 lakh crore in 2018-2019 fiscal.

In the current fiscal, the size of budget is nearly Tk three lakh crore.

The minister said if we want to continue the progress of the country and reach 10% GDP growth, we have  to form very responsive organizations in 64 districts.

The minister concluded his speech by addressing the gas crisis issue.

The government can supply gas uninterrupted once our LNG plan is prepared, he said.

There will be no crisis in the world gas market within the next 50 years, he said.