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Sylhet CJ demands withdrawal of writ against state religion

37Sylhet City Chatro Jomiot staged demonstration demanding withdrawal of writ that filed before the High Court Division of Supreme Court  against state region Islam  on Suday at Bondorbazar area in Sylhet after Asar prayer. A protest procession also brought out in Bondorbazar area in connection. A rally after termination of procession duly presided  by Sylhet City Chatro Jomiot President Hasan Ahmed and General secretary Belal Ahmed Chawdhury Organizing Secretary Shaheed Ahmed Hatimi Conducted. Among others, Oli Ullah Arman, Abdul Malik Chawdhury, Mahmudul Hasan, Alinur, Lutfor Rahman also spoke in it. In the brief rally, the Leaders of Chatro Jomiot said the existing peace  and the communal harmony  of the country will be jeopardized if the state religion Islam is abrogated from the constitution.The speakers in the rally demanded  immediate withdrawal of the controversial writ from the High court otherwise.

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