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Independence Day celebrated by Golapganj Education Trust UK

9One of the largest community organisations in the UK, Golapganj Education Trust UK celebrated 45th

Independence and National Day.

The event took place at Cannon Street Children Community Centre on 28th March.  President of

Golapganj Education Trust UK Fajlul Haque Fajlu presided over the meeting and General Secretary

Makhon Miah conducted it.

Guest and organisation leaders who addressed the audience included Vice-President poet A K M

Abdullah, Vice-President Abdul Qayum Hannan, Vice-President Afsor Hossain Enam, Vice-President

Belal Hossain, Vice-President Aktar Hossain, former Vice-President S A Ahad, former Vice-President

Joynal Abedin and Zillur Rahman, Co-General Secretary Suhel Ahmed Badrul, Publicity Secretary

Foyjul Ahmed Selim, Co-Treasurer Kamal Uddin, Trusteeship Secretary Faruque Miah, former

Organising Secretary Nizam Uddin and others.

President Fajlul Haque Fajlu urged everyone to remember and pay tribute to those who sacrificed

their lives to attain the independence.

General Secretary Makhon Miah urged everyone to work together for the development of