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Initiative taken to set ‘media monitoring cell’: Inu


Information Hasanul Haque Inu on Wednesday told Parliament that the government has taken an initiative to set up a ‘media monitoring cell’ to monitor news published in the media.

“Initiative has been taken to establish a media monitoring cell to watch the news published in the media,” he said while replying to a scripted question from ruling Awami League MP Pinu Khan (Women Seat-23) during the question-answer session.

The minister said a section of media or blogs are trying to create theist-atheist division in the society writing against sentiments of the Hindu, Muslim and other religious beliefs.

The government has taken various steps including ensuring legal accountability to face such conspiracies, he added.

Inu said both newspapers and electronic media are now enjoying ‘full freedom’ during the regime of the current government.

Taking advantage of the freedom, a section of media or online newspapers, social networking sites and blogs are writing in favour of communalism.

The government is on tough stance against any conspiracy and provocation of creating unrest or hurting the religious sentiment of all citizens, he said.

An ‘Online Media Supporting Policy’ is now being prepared for necessary monitoring of online based media. Under the policy, the online based newspapers will be brought under registration process and a database of the online newspapers will be prepared, the information minister said.