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Is it Anti-Semitism?


By Fatema Miah :

Well! We are wise enough to understand that Anti-Semitism is racism towards people of Jewish faith. It is very saddened that disheartening atrocity of cruel acts of Holocaust was perpetrated against them, under Adolf Hitler’s dictation.

Hitler was a dictator and rightfully labelled as a war Criminal. In regards to Ken Livingston expressing the fact statement of Adolf Hitler in early years had expressed his opinion of sending Jews to Israel, does it make Ken Livingston in favour of Adolf Hitler’s cruel perpetration of Genocide against Jews? Where is the right of freedom of speech? Under the right of freedom of speech one has right to express harmless opinions.

On the other hand, there straightaway on the very day, John Mann very ferociously attacked Ken Livingston before the media. It was absolutely unethical of John Mann to be over reactive and aggressively chase with verbal attacks on fellow MP over expressed perspective. (Kate Hillier’s Change.org petition with ten thousand signatures ‘castigates Mann for “appallingly unprofessional and toxic behaviour” and accuses him of bringing the Labour party into disrepute.’)

Published in Guardian on the 29th April 2016 that Ken Livingstone has said he will fight his Labour party suspension, by producing evidence for his claims yesterday that Hitler supported Zionism. The former mayor, who was suspended yesterday by his close ally Jeremy Corbyn, said he had been saying the same thing for thirty years, and could not have given offence.

Ken Livingston in his defence said “How can the truth be an offence? If I had lied that would be offensive. I suspect most of the pro-Israel Labour MPs have no idea about the history, they certainly don’t teach about 1930s Zionist policy in Israeli schools … almost everyone in the Jewish community grows up in complete ignorance of this.”

Agreeably it is truth that history isn’t studied thoroughly enough in many cases. Our education policy is on basis of selective preferences on Historical accounts then further there are pros and con on every historical accounts, however overall it withhold the fundamental account of atrocities perpetrated that caused victimisation. In some cases despite the acknowledgement of atrocities it is oppressed and ignored later on.

In regards to Ken Livingston’s defending his case, as well as has been suspended and an investigation taking place, his fellow party MP suggesting him to close it up by putting a sock on it, for sake of the election campaign.

The Guardian’s political editors Anushka Asthana and Heather Stewart have interviewed Jeremy Corbyn on the day, she added that “he had to suspend his close friend and co-MP Ken Livingstone. This is the full piece, from conversations in his Westminster office, to the campaigning day in Grimsby as the crisis unfolded”.

For Jeremy Corbyn this incident of Ken Livingston a senior and a core member of the Party and close friend been accused of anti-Semitism mush have been a difficult moment, to make a right decision in support of the party while being close friends. However, position seeking is above all after all, where he had to protect his position before values, understanding and logic.

I personally am not fond of Naz shah as much neither dislike her but I cannot understand how can her comment of relocating Israel to USA be anti – Semitism? Where is freedom of speech policy here in UK? This is her opinion not dictation. Anyways, Moving Israel to the USA was first quoted by Finklestien, who is a Jew.

I believe Jews in Israel is OK fit, as I have mentioned in one of my book and articles before, that Jews in Israel seems to be in the right place according to Quran, though anybody does agree or not, there they should not attack on civilians and must not repeat the irony for sake of fairness and humanity.

There seems to be are too many reactive people in the Parliament and they overreact at times. On the other hand Naz Shah Randomly expressing childlike, narrow minded and thoughtless comment against Israel state that has caused big Contradictory issue.

Looking from a different perspective it cannot be a seriously offensive issue because she suggested Israel to be moved not specifically mentioned of Jews. Anyways, Moving Israel to the USA was first quoted by Finklestien, who is a Jew.

Such comment of Naz Shah of relocating Israel to America surely has not been pleasant for Jew people in England worldwide and specially the Jews in Israel. Jews and Israelis do have right to raise their dislike, to complain and what they did, hence contradictory debates could have been open up and apologies could have been demanded for than direct suspends.

Ken Livingston have felt ‘impelled’ to defend Naz Shah, because he ‘customarily’ defends minority and left-wing figures criticised by the establishment or media. His intention wasn’t to cause offence and he referenced with history. From Jews perspective it is sad that he made reference of Hitler’s suggestion, where Hitler was the culprit to Jews in Europe, therefore they are offended.

The issue has come to the point where the right-wing have made this such a sensitive subject, and Islamaphobia, seems to give licence for any bigot to speak in the name of freedom of speech in this case.

Whereas, Ken Livingston has apologised for causing any offence despite being defensive of his statement. He delivered his apology by beginning his speech with apologise. Apology is always a positive thing for mending relation.

Fatema Miah

Solihull, UK