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ShabanaAzmi slams Kareena’s item song Fevicol se

6Pointing across that she is not in favour of item songs, Bollywood veteran actress ShabanaAzmi has criticisedKareena Kapoor’s item number from Dabangg 2.

“I have reservations against item numbers. That’s because I think if a top most heroine is singing ‘I am tandoori murgi, swallow me down with alcohol’, it’s not a laughing matter. It’s a serious issue,” Shabana was quoted by Hindustan Times.

She said: “One person wrote the song, a few more got it made but it was watched by crores of people. They also saw their 6-year old kids singing and dancing on it. Don’t you have a responsibility? It’s not fun.”

The lyrics ShabanaAzmi mentioned are from Kareena Kapoor’s item number ‘Fevicol se’ from the film Dabangg 2.

Shabana has been vocal about her opinions in the past as well, but this is the first time she has taken such a direct dig at a fellow actress.