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TaniaBrishtiactsunderShamrat�sdirectionforfirst time

8Popular model-actressTaniaBrishti, who has been working simultaneously in different television commercials, tele-dramasandcinemas since shesteppedintoshowbiz, has workedunderthedirection of KhalidHossainShamratforthefirst time. Thoughshe has workedwithseveralnotabledirectors in her career, theopportunity of workingwith yet anothertalenteddirectorlikeShamrat, who is a son of NayakRajfamedlegendaryactorRazzak, did not cometotheactress’ court. DhakaLive has newsthatTania has recentlyactedunderthedirection of Shamrat in the tele-drama titled ‘Bhayangkar Ek Chutir Din’. Writtenby Rana Zakaria, theshooting of this tele-drama wasalreadycompleted in Pubail on theoutskirts of thecapital. However, duetosomerecentchanges, theshootingwilltakeplaceagaintoday in thesamelocation. Othercasts of the tele-drama includeRashedMamunApu, SaifKhan, amongothers.
DirectorKhalidHossainSamratseemedhopefulaboutthe tele-drama, “I feelthat ‘Bhayangkar Ek Chutir Din’ is onesuchstorywithwhichtheviewerswillfall in love. I can say thatafter a long time, I haveworked in a verychallengingprojectthroughthis tele-drama. This is thefirst time thatTania has workedundermydirectionandshe has done a greatwork in her acting. Theviewerswillcertainly be impressedby her acting in this tele-drama.”
TaniaBrishtisharedtheexperience of thework, “Byworkingunderthedirection of KhalidHossainSamrat, I gottolearn a lotmoreaboutacting. He is a verytalentedindividualand I am definitelyimpressedby his work. Inthe tele-drama, I haveplayed as a model namedMila. KhalidHossainShamratreallyencouragedandinspired me togodeepintothecharacter I wasportraying. I am verysatisfiedworking in thisproject.” Tonote, Shamratreceivedimmensepraisefor his direction as well as actingforthe telefilm ‘Daaybhar’. Tania-actedthree drama serials ‘Samadhan’, ‘Samrat’ and ‘MonThekeDureNoy’ arebeingaired on varioustelevisionchannels. The tele-drama willsoon be aired on Channel i.