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NTV celebrates its 13th anniversary in Greater Manchester

gbbbPrivate Television Chanel NTV recently celebrated its 13th anniversary in Greater Manchester with the slogan ‘In time with future’.

Cllr Shefali Faruque started the anniversary event by cutting a cake.  Manchester representative of NTV, Abdul Matin presided over the event and Greater Manchester representative Delwar Hossain presented the anniversary party where a number of NTV journalists and community activists took part in the event.

Guests who addressed the audience included General Secretary of Liverpool Bangla Press Club Journalist Fakhrul Alam, community activist M A Mannan Khan, politician Shah Munim, businessmen Jahangir Hossain, Chairman of Solfot Bangladesh Association Abdul Hannan, youth organiser Jafor Ahmed, Cllr Faruque Ahmed, Singer Taslima Alam Jeni, cultural acitivist Rahel Ahmed Chowdhury, journalist Abdul Haque, Abdus Shahid and others.

The speakers expressed their sincere gratitude to NTV family for upholding the Bangladeshi culture, customs and traditions.  They also expressed their appreciation to the viewers for their rock-solid love towards NTV.