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Remain alert so that no youth could be derailed: PM

jjhhhPrime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday urged the nation to be vocal against the culprits defaming Islam before the whole world through killing innocent people.

“Those undermining our holy religion getting derailed from the right path, I urge the whole nation to be vocal against them,” she said.

The Prime Minister made the plea while inaugurating the hajj programme for 2016 at Hajji Camp at the city’s Ashkona.

Sheikh Hasina said she always wants to keep unharmed the dignity and honour of Islam. “It’s my desire that our religion will always have its place as the best religion of the world…I request all, including fathers, mothers, and teachers, to remain alert so that no youth could be derailed.”

The Prime Minister mentioned that Islam is the religion of peace, and there is no place for militancy and terrorism in it. “I feel pain and sorrow when I see some derailed people killing innocent people in cold blood… Are they doing anything good for Islam? Instead, they are undermining it before others,” she said.

Hasina also mentioned that these culprits are creating a phobia among other people about Islam. “They’re defaming the religion,” she added.

The Prime Minister also questioned about the achievement of the culprits through killing innocent people. “But, they’re making it tough for those performing our religious rituals regularly.”

She said the religion which always teaches about peace, tolerance and rights of other religions is facing a disgraceful situation for these few derailed people. “Whose interest are they protecting, what are they achieving? This is my question.”

Hasina reiterated her firm stance not to allow any sort of terrorism and militancy on the soil of this country.

After the registration of the Hajj pilgrims, she said, the government has been given special attention on their security issue. “We’re strongly examining the security matter.”

Besides, Hasina said, the government is very much aware about those overstaying illegally in Saudi Arabia going there with hajj visas.

“The Saudi government always comes up with its objection against this unpleasant matter and we have given a special attention to it,” she said.

Chaired by Religious Affairs Minister Principal Motiur Rahman, the programme was addressed, among others, by Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Rashed Khan Menon, Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Religious Affairs Ministry Bazlul Huq Haroon, Sahara Khatun, Abdullah HM Al-Mutairi and Religious Affairs Secretary M Abdul Jalil.

Some 1,01,758 Bangladeshi hajj pilgrims are expected to perform the holy hajj this year. The hajj flights will be operated from Dhaka to Jeddah from August 4 to September 5.

The state-run Biman Bangladesh Airlines is expected to carry half of the total hajj passengers, while Saudi Arabian Airlines would ferry the rest of the hajj pilgrims from Dhaka to Jeddah.

The return hajj flights would start on September 17 and continue till October 15.

A 292-member Bangladeshi Hajj team comprising physicians, pharmacists, nurses/brothers and assistants would go to Saudi Arabia to provide healthcare facilities to hajj pilgrims,