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Illlegal sand extraction continue in Fenchugang

gffffAn influential group extract sand illegally from the river Kushiara in Fenchugang. But the rule of local administration is mysterious. But from the order of authority 2/1 day it is stopped. Later it is again started. As a result many buildings and roads are lay in the river.

To stop this, a memorandum was sent to U.N.O Balagang under the sign of about 50 inhabitants. Partly send extract on closed but later it again started. Narayan Chandra Biswas submit this memorendum on 21th August.

In the spot we found at the North side of the river Kushaiara a drajer named Sumon Zahir extract sand. But 4 months later ministry of land instruct U.N.O to stop it. But it is not implemented. A large part of locality is on way to ruin. Recently the pressure group manage the local authority and continue sand instruction.

U.N.O Fenchugang told, No sand is extracted. Local admin is take no tolerance policy. But on saturday A.C Anisur Rahman informed by district authority and take action. He said he take drastic action against Sumon and Zahirul group.

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