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Over 75% of India-Bangladesh borders is fenced, says Shringla

19th September, 2016

Over 75% of India-Bangladesh borders is fenced, says Shringla

The fence aims to control unrestricted movement, Indian envoy said.

‘Over 75 per cent of 4,096-km India-Bangladesh borders have already been fenced and remaining portions are being fenced in a phased manner,’ says Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Harsh Vardhan Shringla.


‘India is fencing its borders with Bangladesh to check crimes, terrorists’ movement, cross-border harmful activities and infiltrations,’ Shringla said during a visit to Indian state of Tripura’s Agartala city, IANS reports.


‘Although there is not sufficient evidence of cross-border terror activity, consequential effect of a horrific incident taking place in Bangladesh can be on India as well, as we share a long land boundary with that country,’ the High Commissioner added.


He, however, expressed satisfaction that the Bangladesh authorities have now realized that terror activities could take a serious turn in their country, and they have met with some success in dealing with the recent acts of terror on their soil.


Referring to the Home Minister-level meeting held in July in New Delhi, Shringla said that India and Bangladesh would fight terrorism jointly, as agreed upon during the meeting, also because it is in their interests.


“The Home Ministers of India and Bangladesh, during their last meeting in New Delhi, decided to tackle terrorism jointly, in the common interest of the two neighbors,” he added.


Shringla, who joined as the High Commissioner in Bangladesh in January 2016, was in Tripura as part of his visit to the five Indian states along the Bangladesh border. He met Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, Chief Secretary Yashpal Singh and various other officials and dignitaries and discussed India-Bangladesh issues.


The District Magistrates and Deputy Commissioners of the border districts of India and Bangladesh are meeting regularly to ease out border-related issues of the two countries, according to him. “Both New Delhi and Dhaka have delegated various powers to district-level officials to handle issues that can be sorted out at their level.”


Five states of India — West Bengal (2,216km), Tripura (856km), Meghalaya (443km), Mizoram (318km) and Assam (263km) — share longest 4,096-km border with Bangladesh.


‘Bangladesh security forces’ actions against the militants holed up in northeast India was instrumental in securing peace and stability in India’s northeastern region. Most of the camps (on Bangladesh land) of militants active in the Northeast have been busted and their infrastructure demolished,’ he said, and added that the Bangladesh government has also handed over several militants and their leaders to the Indian authorities.

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