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Ragib Ali’s son held in Sylhet

kllkjPolice arrested Abdul Hye, son of industrialist Ragib Ali and also a fugitive accused in two cases filed over grabbing land of an endowment property, from Zakiganj immigration office Saturday.
Immigration police arrested him while he along with his family members was entering the country from India around 12:45. Later he was handed over to Zakiganj Police Station.
Hye will be taken to Biswanath police station as he was a warranted accused in two cases filed with the police station, said Sugyan Chakma, spokesperson of Sylhet District Police.
According to the case details, Ragib Ali and his son Hai grabbed lands of Tarapur tea estate through forging documents.
SM Abdul Hye, land commissioner of Sylhet Sadar, filed the two cases with Sylhet Kotwali Police Station on September 27, 2005.
Later the cases were dismissed following final reports of police after investigation.
On January 19 this year, a full bench of Appellate Division of the Supreme Court ordered the authorities concerned to take steps for reclaiming Tarapur Tea estate. The SC also ordered reinvestigation into the cases.
Following the order of SC, Sylhet Metropolitan Magistrate court ordered Police to Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to investigate the cases again. On July 10, PBI submitted report accusing Ragib Ali and his son Hye.
On August 10, Ragib Ali and his family members fled to India hours after a court issued arrest warrants for him, his son, daughter, son-in-law and two others in the cases.

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