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Dope gangs active in Sylhet again

4Dope gangs have recently been desperate again to rob people of money and other valuables in the Sylhet and elsewhere despite action against the criminals.

Locals said many gangsters are roaring in the streets to loot money and other valuables, raising concern among the public.

Nowadays, the crime has become a common phenomenon as many fall prey to the gangs and lose their valuables and even lives.

Though police arrested some gang members, they have become active again after getting release on bail from jail, sources said.

Intelligence agencies said dope gangsters are active in at least 20 spots in the Sylhet.

”gyan Party” (dope gang) members make their targets unconscious by feeding them sedatives or using poisonous ointments in their eyes. Later, they took away their money and other valuables.

Sources at Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital (OMCH) said at least 2-3 victims take treatment at hospital every day after being robbed of their possessions.

The places where the criminals are active are Surma point, Kinbridge Mour, Sylhet Railway Station, Kadamtoli, Court point, Terminal and Amberkhana area.

During preliminary interrogations, the arrestees confessed they travel on public vehicles in guise of commuters and commit the crime, said DB joint commissioner Sylhet.

”We also recovered medicine, ointments and some other items used to make people unconscious,” he added.

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