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5 posts of ATEO Vacant long time in Biswanath Education Office

7Biswanath Education office facing manpower crisis for a long time. So TEO is facing problem to perform many function. 5 posts of ATEO are lying vacant for a long time. So it is impossible to watch or inspect the primary school. for the many teacher became absent in their duty, it is alleged.

They present school sign in the register and left it so year after the result is very frustrating. presence of student is limited. Standard of education decreasing. Manpower shortage in education office is main reason for it. After that new TEO Muhiuddin Ahmed works relentlessly.

According to education office 5 out of 7 ATEO Posts are lying vacant. Only 2 ATEO are working. For a long time office Assistant and Deputy Accountant post is vacant.

An office unidentified him said due to shortage of man power they are not visiting school regularly. SO some teacher are absent. They are teaching by name. This situation exist in some primary school they are now under extinction.

TEO Md. Mhoiuddin Ahmed said. Only 2 out of 7 ATEO’s are working. So the work round the clock. He urge the higher authority to fill the vacant post immediatly.

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