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Hason raza residence ruined in biswanath

9Hason raza is an immortal poet. His patterned residence in biswanath is abolished by the change of time. His old room are destroying day by day. None take initiative to preserve his memory his fans same his house as a victim of negligence. visitors are frustrated to visit his house. but hason raza spent his youth in Rampasha. contribution of Hason raza in bangali literature is praiseworthy. He has a huge land in Rampasha. People came Rampasha to the house of Hason raza form far and near. A dilapidated building stand. In front of it there is a big tank. In planned manner it will be converted into a cultural sight.

A member of Raza family Dewan talibur raza’s son Dewan Tasawar Raza said, They buit a complex in Rampasha for culture loving people. Here folk institute, library, museum, seminar room, art gallery will built.

Govt should take step to built a cultural college or literature museum to implement the work of Hason raza. Road communication with Sylhet and Sunamgonj are good.

Bishawnath Upazilla Chairman Suhel Ahmed said, we have some plan for this house. If Hason raza’s family give written decision to govt. Then we made a big complex there. He want co-operation from Raza’s family in this matter.


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