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New SMP Commissioner Golam Kibria

12DIG Golam kibria Joined on Thursday as new SMP Commissioner. He Joined the police through 12th special BCS exam. He receive Training in one year in Rajshahi Police Acadimy. Later he joined chittagong as ASP in 2004 he was promoted as SP. He work in many District. He was deputy Police commissioner in DMP and CMP. He was ADIG and DIG in police headquarters.

He play vital roal in 21 units of police force. He was an observer in UNMIK and UNMIT under peace keeping force of UN. He receive various training. He obtained IG batch in 2014.

Kibra Born in 1st January 1966. He hails form Dhaka his father is A Motin and mother is Amirunnessa. He passd BSC from Agriculture University Mymonsingo. He is married and 2 sons and a daughter.

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