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Sylhet District Ijtema ends with prayer for world peace

Sylhet District Ijtema has ended with Akheri Munajat seeking world peace, stability and divine blessings for humankind on Saturday around 11:33am. Maulana Robiul Haque  conducted the prayers.

Thousands of Muslims from home and abroad gathered at the District Ijtema grounds in Sylhet-Sunamongj Bypass of Dakshin Surma to join in the Akheri Munajat.

The 1st Ijtema of Sylhet District to be attended by devotees from 10 other districts, would be held on December 29-31.

A huge number of devotees gathered at the Ijtema venue yesterday by bus, train and other vehicles.

The Sylhet District Tabligh Jamaat Organisers said, adding that the devotees would continue to come until this morning.

The organisers said the gathering would not be huge like before. a special chamber has been set up beside the main stage where the interested devotees can write their names to be with the Tabligh Jamaat for a certain time. After their names are registered, they would be sent to different areas, as per decision of the top Tabligh leader Sylhet District.

On the other hand, Seven more devotees died during the Ijtema yesterday. Mahmod Ali, Bahar Ahmed, Helal Ahmed, Advocate Attor Ali died of old-age complications.

The number of patients taking treatment at the medical camps has risen. According to the civil surgeon office sources, nearly 5,000 devotees got treatment from the camps. Most of them had been suffering from old-age problems.

In the meantime, authorities have suspended movement of all kinds of vehicles on the roads around the Ijtema ground from this morning.

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