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Agri land use to built brick filed in Sylhet

18In Sylhet a large agricultural land is used for housing and making brick filed. including Biswanath, Dakshin Surma, Golapgong Upazila and its Neighboring areas Some Unscrupulous soil businessman cheating farmer and purchase the soil. But the farmer are not a was how to make profit of the upper soil of an agricultural land. If the local Agra officer give the farmer proper training then the farmers will not sale the soil. Many built water reserve by cutting agric land. As a result number of crop land is redbud. At the some time its fertility reduced.

In the West road of Boiragi bazar under Bishanath Upazila cutting agri land and its soil will be loaded into truck and send it to brickfield. the land become deep by one and half to two feet.

Kibria a contractor purchase the soil. He sent it to Al amin brickfield Khaligonj bazar.

They carry it by truck. Carry extra load the road is now facing problem. By throwing dust ecology is polluted.

At the same time another brickfiled Al-Falah collect soil from Ramkrishnapur and Gandherkapon.

UNO Amitav porag Talukdar said, he is not know anything. If receive any complain the administration take measure.

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