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What’s in a bloom?

sdfThis city is a concrete jungle—is a statement we have all said or heard at some point, lamenting the utter lack of the soothing foliage in Dhaka. But even in this jungle, home is where we yearn to go, despite the boxed apartments and their caged grilled verandas.

A bit of respite to our own lives, and senses, is brought by the

ambience that we create at home. Some of us, those diligent enough to cultivate the skills and lucky enough to manage time and space, maintain a bunch of potted plants, to breathe in the scents and sights at our whimsy, even if in tiny doses. Not to forget the oxygen, of course!

Yet, what for those of us who do not have either the time or skills? Plants seem to be resilient forms of life, as quite a few of them are generous enough to thrive in just water, with a little nurturing and simple sunlight—and that is something we do have enough of.

There can be a few broad categories of the plants that can thrive in water including herbs, vegetable plants, and decorative leafy ones.

The first step to gardening in water pots is to decide on what kind you want; the purpose of the plants so to speak. It is quite satisfying to season dishes with herbs fresh from your pots, or arrange flowers you helped bloom, or munch on vegetables you grew!

Herbs like basil, thyme, peppermint, spearmint, oregano, sage, stevia, and rosemary all can be grown in little pots of water.

The process to grow plants in water is simple, but needs attention to detail, as plants are perishable too. Shoots, saplings, cuttings or the bulb of plants need to be cleared of soil, and any leaves near the base, and then put into fertiliser or nutrient mixture infused water. Then leave near or in sunlight, and let it bloom. The nutrient solution will need to be topped off every once in a while.

With some experience, leafy veggies like lettuce, spinach, peppers and celery can be grown in pots of water. Often these water pot plants look happier and healthier for having a constant supply of water without having to deal with soils’ pathogens. Onion, garlic, and spring onion also do well in water plants.

Of the leafy decorative plants, some common ones are Pothos, Arrowhead, Philodendrons, Peace Lily, Aluminum plant, Chinese Lucky Bamboo (also called Dracena) and Dumb Cane, all of which thrive in water pots. The basic rules of gardening in water hold for these – take tip cuttings of any length and put the cut end into some water making sure that 2-3 nodes are submerged in water.

Some plants need extra care while handling, as they might have caustic sap that can burn your skin.

So the next time you feel like nurturing a green leafy flash of freshness in your home, but are not inclined to deal with the mud and grime that usually come along with that, think of these non-fussy water pot friendly plants!

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