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Kate Middleton uses a jar of Nutella as part of her skincare routine


Kate Middleton uses a jar of Nutella as part of her skincare routine

Kate Middleton’s hair – we’ve all Googled it, because it’s luscious and amazing and why doesn’t our hair look like that?


We may happen to know who her personal hair stylist is, but that’s old news. What we’re obsessed with now is the secret to her royally glowing skin.


Like most out-of-our-league celeb beauty regimes, we assumed that the Duchess of Cambridge, K-Middz to her pals (okay, just us) is all about the super expensive skincare and hi-tech facials.


But we’ll be the first to admit when we’re wrong.


We have heard about weird skincare routines in the past – starting from sheep placenta facials to bird poop skincare treatments – but using an entire jar of Nutella in a face mask for beautiful, healthy skin is a first.

As weird as it sounds, Kate Middleton’s personal beautician – who prepped her skin on the day of the royal wedding and most recently at the Baftas – revealed the secret behind the Duchess’ glowing skin. 

On a royal beauty special episode on UK show ‘This Morning’, Deborah Mitchell talked about the DIY secrets behind the royal’s skincare routine and it actually included a jar of Nutella as the main ingredient in a homemade face mask. The beautician said, “Now I’ve actually used this at home, and I’ve actually used this on some of my clients – not naming any names.”


Even though the routine is a little unorthodox we don’t really have reasons to doubt her, after all her clients include A-listers like Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow and they do have perfect complexions. During the show, Mitchell also gave some free advice for a red-carpet worthy skin. She recommended a DIY face scrub made by mixing together a jar of chocolate spread, sugar and lip balm – all you need to do is just smooth it over your skin.


She also drew a bath filled with oats and said: “This is something that we can all do at home, with no cost.”

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