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Miley Cyrus’ leaked nude photos are shocking!

3Miley Cyrus is reportedly the most recent celebrity to have her naked photos leak online, as

various reports are claiming nude photos of the pop star found their way online on April 11,


Miley’s naked photos were posted online by the site Celeb Jihad, according to Gossip Cop,

who claimed that a number of nude images of Cyrus popped up online showing the former

Hannah Montana star “posing provocatively” and allegedly in various states of undress.

According to the site, the images allegedly showed Cyrus “completely naked in a sauna”

while the site also claimed that another photo that leaked reportedly showed Miley “wearing

overalls while topless.”

It’s not clear how many naked photos of Miley were leaked amid the latest hack, though the

site claimed that there were “a handful” of nude photos of Cyrus posted to the site allegedly

show Miley “posing provocatively in scantily clad outfits.”

According to The Sun, the Wrecking Ball singer’s photos were posted on the same website

where nude images of Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried were posted last month. This

news comes shortly after Amanda and Emma set legal terms on the website to demand that

the images are removed.

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