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Saudi Shoura member supports women driving

5A Saudi Shoura Council member voiced his support to women driving in the kingdom, according to

Arab News.

Abdulrahman Al-Rashed, head of Shoura Council’s committee on economy and energy, said he is in

favour of women driving “as long as there is a clear system to enable them to drive.”

He said in an interview with Okaz newspaper that Shoura Council members should not be silent on

this issue.

Al-Rashed said the extent of criticism they receive indicates high expectations from the council. He

said the council does not serve a certain category of people but rather, plays a monitoring role,

participates in legislations, studies government departments’ reports and issues recommendations

aimed at improving the performance of those entities.

He said all members deal with the issues discussed and vote on them, but do not form blocs.

Women’s participation in the council is developing every day, he said. “Their presence in the council

is positive. They propose discussions on important issues related to society.”

Rejecting proposals or recommendations is done by the members of the council themselves.

He said the issue of women driving had been discussed in the council, and the traffic department

does not have a law preventing them from driving.

He said the question is how to enable them to drive — if there is a clear regulation that allows

women to drive “then I am with it, especially as there is no Sharia restriction on the issue.”

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