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Scintilla CC star donates sponsorship fee to club

8Emdad Rahman

One year ago swashbuckling Scintilla Cricket Club star Ashraful Islam Johnny almost died after contracting

Tuberculosis of the brain.

Because if the complex nature of his illness he talented opener was hospitalised for 6 months and it was

touch and go whether he would survive.

Johnny's condition is rare and complex, and for more than a year he has been taking a combination of 12

antibiotic tablets in a daily basis. As part of the first-ever trial of this method carried out by University

College London, in collaboration with University College London Hospitals Johnny is involved in video

observed treatment – which involves him recording himself taking his medicine on a smartphone, and then

sending the recording on a secure server to his health care workers, so they are aware that he is

responding to the treatment.

Despite his ill health, the inspirational Johnny is passionate about his community and is frequently involved

in volunteering his time at homeless soup kitchens, fundraising and washing cars for charitable causes.

Johnny's dynamic displays with the bat has attracted interest and this year he has secured cricket

sponsorship from T&B UK Trading Ltd. Immediately after securing his sponsorship the big hearted Johnny

donated the full balance to support Scintilla Cricket Club with costs for the upcoming season during which

the club will play four teams in four competitions.

Scintilla club captain Ahmed Choudhury said: "This is a typical gesture from a young man with a heart of

gold. Not everyone could have overcome such adversity and come back fighting. He is a credit to humanity

and we are honoured to have such an individual amongst our ranks. I'm sure he will have another splendid

season ahead."

Johnny added: "I'm grateful everyday for my recovery and health. I have a second chance and not

everyone is as fortunate as me. I want to thank everyone for their support and prayers.

"To be playing cricket is just a massive bonus and I wanted to repay the faith and support of my team

mates by giving a little something back. We have huge costs to survive and I know the money will be well


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