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Most docs lack time, compassion for patients

Most docs lack time, compassion for patientsThe ethics and values among the physicians are eroding gradually as most physicians do not give required time to the patients, causing a sense of dissatisfaction among the patients and their relatives, health experts have said.


They also pointed out that some physicians do not attend the patients in a friendly and cordial manner, often affecting the patients–doctors relations and the confidence in the healthcare system as a whole.  


Syed Abul Kalam, who has been suffering from urological complications for last few years, went to visit a prominent urologist in Dhaka as per the advice of his family physician. But he returned with a sense of dissatisfaction as the prominent urologist did not even spend a minute to listen to his complaints.   


Many patients face the same experience when they visit the doctors.  


Public health experts have expressed concern over this unhealthy practice among a section of physicians, which they said is affecting the patients’ trust in the doctors.


Prof Dr ABM Abdullah, a noted medicine consultant, said, “A physician should be cordial and show compassion while providing treatment to patients.” 


“When a patient gets a sense of satisfaction after seeing the doctor, their physical discomfort instantly diminishes by 30-40 percent with growing confidence on the treatment being offered,” he added.        


He also called upon the physicians to allocate adequate time to the patients to insert confidence in patients, which helps the patients recover from their ailments faster.


Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury, a trustee of Gonoshasthaya Kendra, said, “A section of physicians introduced a new trend in the country to make money quickly by giving business to some of the diagnostic centres and private hospitals.”


“The owners of such diagnostic centres are doing business with such physicians in the name of healthcare services,” he added.


He also said the commercial attitude of a section of physicians and owners of private hospitals and diagnostic centres is making the lifesaving sector a business hub.


“This unhealthy mentality should be stopped for the greater interest of our life-saving sector.

Otherwise, the patients will continue to be deprived of proper services even after spending huge sums of money,’ he warned.       


Responding to this issue, Director General of Directorate General of Health Services Prof Dr Abul Kalam Azad said the physicians save lives but a section of physicians is directly involved in business in the name of healthcare services.


“An orientation course needs to be introduced in medical colleges to put more focus on medical ethics so that the medical students adhere to those ethics and values properly when they become doctors in future,” he added.


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