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BCA installation ceremony 2017 held.

Bangladesh Caterers Association installation ceremony 2017 held, on 11 July in the Royal Regency hall  east london

BCA is the flagship organisation representing approximately 12,000 British-Bangladeshi restaurants and Takeaways across the UK. Established in 1960,BCA is a voluntary non-profit organisation run by the ethnic Bangladeshis. Presently, the industry employs over 100,000 people, with an estimated yearly turnover of over £4.2 billion. 

The present National Executive Council (NEC) was elected to office on 21st May 2017. The NEC is the supreme authority within the BCA with three key personnel, i.e. President, Secretary General and the Chief Treasurer, run the day-to-day activities under the overall supervision and monitoring of NEC. 

Today we are having our installation ceremony to promote the newly elected committee and introduction with a cross section of community organisations and stakeholders.

BCA’S vision is to bring change within BCA and the Industry. Focusing on strengths and skill-sets, our aim is to combine experience and expertise along with passion and energy. A dynamic and innovative NEC, that wants to build trust and confidence. Decisions will be made based on discussions and debate for the betterment of the industry.

BCA has established itself as the herald of Bangladeshi Community by facilitating, advocating and promoting the interests of the curry industry. With the passage of time BCA has grown its capacity to be able to influence and generate business leads to the supply chain, whether it be, small outlets too large coporates.

The Association exists to ensure that the views of the Bangladeshi Curry industry are represented in a forceful, coherent and co-ordinated way to central government and policy makers in the UK and internationally. BCA has remained engaged in many activities and our future vision is set out below:


  • Utilise APPG and local MP’s and lobby to bring in skilled staff on easier and affordable terms and reduce threshold as well as Lobby for short term unskilled workers from South East Asia.
    • Lobby and create pressure on HMRC to increase Flat Rate VAT threshold from £150k to £250k which will benefit majority caterers.
    • Conduct mass demonstration in order for our voice to be heard (later in the year).
    • Create pressure to government to establish regional curry institute in Britain. 

    Membership Involvement And Support
  • General members should be recognized and get more connection centrally and each member will get a membership card and window sticker to display in their restaurant windows.
    • Every new member will get a membership welcome pack.
    • Devise trade supplier listing and job vacancies
    • We will create a platform were BCA women’s will also be part of the curry industry and help their husband/partner in business. 

    Training Initiatives 
    • Implement Training Schemes in the UK to create skilled staff to overcome staff shortages in the long run; seek for Government Funding on this project.
    • Increase Regional activities by way of organising regular workshops and seminars and inviting experts for industry focused solutions.
    • Central President and Secretary General to visit regions at least 2 times a year. 

    BCA Media Coverage 
    • Start quarterly Newsletter to update and highlight successes/trends and curry industry news- Newsletter to reach every BCA Member in the UK. 
    • Organise Food Festivals promoting healthy food options.
    • Also Organise chef cook off completions with MP’s regionally
    • Join other relevant organisations (CBI/IOD)

    BCA Mela
    • Organise day trips and other events regionally to involve families

    BCA Think Thank
    • Involve new generation of caterers who have fresh innovative approach to business as well as enthusiastic youngsters who can make suggestions and have impact in the industry. 

    BCA Veterans
    • Create an arm within BCA to recognise and honor Caterers, who have given lifetime service to the industry, whether still active/retired or passed away.

Our pioneering efforts has made this curry industry, a proud moment, something we can enjoy and cherish. You will know by listening to the media and from personal experience that the industry is struggling and finding it hard to survive. Businesses have closed down and the question is WHO IS NEXT?? We all know the threats. We have two options, either we give up and wait for boom times to return or we plan for survival and adaption. Business needs have evolved along with customer expectations. We are entrepreneurs, got to face the challenges, change our mind set, share information and experiences and work smarter rather than harder. 

Finally, the success of BCA does not depend on the executive council alone. It’s the members who make it strong and are the framework.

In other words, to make representations, caterers who are not already members should join BCA and echo our concerns and having a stronger leverage with the support of members. BCA will go from strength to strength with your support. 

We would like to announce that BCA 12th Annual Award Dinner Ceremony would be held at Park Plazza Westminister Bridge Hotel in London on 19th November 2017.

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