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400km roads in dilapidated condition in Sylhet region

Aug 06: At least 400 km roads in Sylhet region has been in a dilapidated state for long due to absence of required maintenance by the concerned authorities. Of the total, 150 km is owned by the Roads & Highways Department (RHD) while the rest 250 km is under the control of Local Government Engineering Development (LGED).

Due to absence of regular and timely repair and maintenance, the damage is getting larger causing sufferings for the common men. Besides, due to poor quality works most of the roads go unusable with innumerable potholes at places. On the other hand the recent floods had added much, sources alleged.

An official in the LGED admitted over 350 km roads on different upazilas had been in dilapidated condition and need immediate reconstruction.  

The 16 km RHD road from Sarighat to Gowainghat upazila town had been in a poor state as no repair had been done in eight years. It is roughly used by the stone and sand laden trucks. However an official informed Tk 66 million has been sanctioned for 6.0 km on the road recently. Works would be done after the rainy season, said Executive Engineer of RHD, Sylhet, Utpal Samanta.

Meanwhile, part on the road from Temukhi on Sylhet-Sunamganj Highway to Sonatola went damaged due to absence guardwall and approach on the Badaghat bridge went damaged recently.

Tourists who want to visit Jafflong suffer much due to the dilapidated state of the Sylhet-Tamabil Highway, especially from Jaintapur to Jafflong.  

An official in the LGED said the badly damaged roads include 17 km in Sadar upazila, 1.5 km in Biswanath, 42 km in Balaganj, 36 km in Dakshin Surma, 14 km in Fenchuganj, 24 km in Jaintapur, 15 km in Companiganj, 50 km in Gowainghat, 58 km in Beanibazar and 3.0 km in Golapganj upazila had been badly damaged by the recent floods.

On the other hand, the much talked about Sylhet-Companiganj regional highway had been in a precarious state for long as Tk 442 billion works on it is going at snail’s pace. However, RHD officials claimed it is being hampered due to heavy rains.  

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