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A brief description of the RWA and its activities:

Redbridge Welfare Association is  a community based voluntary community organisation  working for the  residents of LB of Redbridge irrespective of their race, colour and religions. Its   aims  to provide social stimulation, interaction, general information and advice to users – meeting their linguistic, social, emotional and practical needs with particular regard to those who are disadvantaged   in the community. . 

The RWA’s present  activities include supplementary and mother tongue education classes, elderly and pensioners club, advice and information sessions on issues effecting community lives, meetings, seminars and organise out door and indoor sports activities for the old and young alike in the community.  

Since inception the  RWA  is actively  supporting the communities and so far managed to organise the above mentioned  activities including  the following awareness and   protest gathering in support of the local communities i.e.  anti crime and anti social behaviour campaign in Ilford lane,  campaign against  recent acid attacks in London. We have organised meeting involving community members, professionals and local business  in order  to raise awareness among the community members and how it can be prevented .  

RWA is actively involved  with other third sector organisation in the area and has had participated  joint training program on safe guarding issues, discussion on community cohesion, substance misuse, crime, domestic violence, and  seminar on issues such as   prevention of  radicalisation and so on so forth.  

 Our plan to continue the above  activities and explore many good causes and organise activities designed to raise awareness among the community members as well as to the relevant authorities  any member of the community with information, advice and support from education to employment and health. Our skills and understanding particularly will  enable us to tailor our services to meet the needs of our growing ethnic minority community in Redbridge.  

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