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Discussion meeting organised by UK BNP

UK BNP organised a discussion meeting to observe 10th release day from jail of Senior Vice-chairperson Tare#ique Zia on 3rd of September in a hall in East London.   President of UK BNP M A Malik presided over the meeting and General Secretary Koysor M Ahmed conducted it.

Other guests who addressed the audience included Chief Advisor of UK BNP Shayesta Chowdhury Kuddus, General Secretary of Greater Sylhet BNP Badruzzaman Selim, Senior Vice-president of UK BNP Abdul Hamid Chowdhury, Vice-president Abul  Kalam Azad, Mujibur Rahman Mujib, M Farid Uddin, Shahidul Islam Mamun, Mowdud Ahmed Khan, Taj Uddin, Nasim Ahmed Chowdhury, Ferdous Ahmed, Shamsur Rahman Mahtab, Rajon Ali Sayeed, Shamim Ahmed, Alhaj Saidq Miah, Misbauzzaman Sohel, Tajul Islam, Abdul Hamid Khan Heven, Sarfaraj Ahmed Sarfu, Jahid Gazi, Tipu Ahmed, Shamim Hossain, Aminur Rahman Akram and others.

The speakers told that the Army supported government arrested Tarique Zia on 7th March of 2007 and were released from jail on this day. During the time he was in prison, he was subject of inhuman torture by the then government.  In that time, his mother Khaleda Zia and brother Arafat Rahman were also arrested.  The conspirators event tried to kill him as he refused to leave the country.

The speakers called on every one to take part in the democratic movements by BNP and make the government resign from the government and force them to give election under caretaker government.

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