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Earthquake imminent in Bangladesh

Fatema Miah :: Bangladeshi under threat of Tetronic seismic eruption.

Bangladesh sitting on Vast Earthquake seismic tectonic plates of  huge tremor of epicentre pressure is about  to erupt anytime.  

Hope Bangladesh government, ministers and political being wake up to human quality. Not be ignorant or be selfish. All lives do matter and the vast number of Bangladeshi peoples lives are relied on the hands of few authorities.  The respect and understanding should be there and everything should not to be played trick with.

Authorities should wake up. Jolt themselves, and give call of alert to gather energetic youngsters to be prepared and give them  lessons how to response to emergency situations.  Make Bangladeshi people aware of alarming forecasted earthquakes and how to be safe, save others and minimise the damages.  

The fundemental aspect of Bangladesh is, with it’s  people  having faith and values, that to be respected and maintained with the art of my coinaged phrases “Art of tolerance is to understand what is  tolerable” and “Art of ignorance is to know what is ignorable”. Applying such idealogy will make a sustainable development in human quality.

Bangladesh is likely to face a large scale magnitude Earthquake to happen anytime soon. Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh a densely populated city in a highly populated country is literally stands on top of “fault plane”, a seismicity surface crust where tectonic plates movements to be meeting with pressure and erupting out causing the convulsive jolt and shakes the entire surrounding land area, known as earthquake.

The surface above Techtronic plate, beneath the city Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh is diagnosed as “fault plane”. The Surface not durably strong to withstand the eruptive tectonic pressure through epic of the Tetronic place according to seismic research study by the Columbian University seismologic scientists.  Since 2011 research result, the Columbia University Science department have encouraged Bangladesh  to participate and to conduct in research observation in this field.

Bangladesh Jahangir Nagar University of Dhaka have opened a section, a department for seismology  working on seismology under the specialism of Columbia University. Bangladeshi scientists and the geology /science knowledgeable environmentalists working on seismology and acknowledge the danger and the imminent threat of Tetronic eruption in Dhaka Bangladesh.  Despite, there is no hiccups of safety precaution. When Dhaka is densely populated, poorly housing and there is no safety awareness training in place for public.

Earthquake cannot be prevented that’s true, our scientistific knowledgeable experts have not come to this level of discovery or methods of preventing emerging earthquake yet. However, safety precaution is must. Measured safety precautions has been recommended. To prevent deaths some urgent actions must be in place. A plan should be in place.  An action team must be formed and public must be made aware of the planned action team.

Structure in City of Dhaka should be checked and made secured. Extra cluttered objects must be removed to declutter.  The crowds should spread out  of City. Plan of partial and gradual evacuation must begin soon.  safe structures  must be built outside the city to shift people into. And existing unsafe structures, buildings must be demolished immediately.  

Dhaka and other cities and towns in Bangladesh have had felt earthquakes in the recent years, though the threat isn’t over.  More and larger magnitude of eruption is eminent in Dhaka.  Bangladesh is placed in an junction of  4 Tetronic plates beneath, running in different direction.  Bangladesh is  an earthquake zone.  All 4 tectonic plates are pressure mounted.

It is predicted the pressure to be erupted soon in the near future.  The seismic eruptions of all 4 Tetronic plates is inevitable. Eruptions of all 4 likely to occur in the near future, in sequential of short time scale of one after other or simultaneously. Bangladesh’s geography possibly be changed by those seismic eruptions. The position of Tetronic plates are different directional, the larger predicted magnitude of eruptions highly possible to crack the land and the earthquake likely to spit the country into different parts.

Anyway, for the safety of people of Bangladesh, An Action team must be formed and place with an Action Plan.  Under expertise individuals responsibility, invite and train volunteers to prepared them by train them how to respond appropriately, by maintaining self safety and safety of others.



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