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176 villages have been Rohingyas: Myanmar

176 villages in Myanmar’s Rakhine state are now populated. In the ongoing operation of the army, minority Muslim Rohingya fled from the villages.

Myanmar’s President’s Office of the Press, released one of these information. Khabar: The Guardian Jatay said, “There are 471 villages in three suburbs in Rakhine state. The army is campaigning on these villages. Already 176 or 40 percent of the villages have driven away everyone. They are now populist. ‘

He said, ‘Some Rohingyas escaped from other 34 villages. They are being captured. People from these villages have fled the country and fled to neighboring countries.But the statement did not use the word Rohingya.

In the face of intense criticism, Myanmar ruling party leader Aung San Suu Kyi is not going to attend the United Nations General Assembly session.In the meanwhile, the country’s presidential spokesman told the Rohingya villagers that “Suu Kyi might want to avoid the UN session.

“On August 25, at least 30 police posts of Rakhine and an army camp, when Rohingya fighters tried to enter, they collided with security forces.

In the meantime, international media reported that more than 3 thousand Rohingyas were killed in this clash.
And to save the lives of the United Nations, Rakhan fled from nowhere to 3,70,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.Bangladesh urges Myanmar to withdraw these Rohingya refugees.

However, the spokesman of Myanmar’s presidential office said, “If the fleeing residents want to return to Myanmar, certainly not everyone will be allowed to return. You have to verify. Only then Myanmar can accept them. ”
Three reasons behind the expulsion of Rohingya.

He said, ‘First of all, certainly Rakhine terrorist attacks. Secondly, the people there were rebelling in other areas. And thirdly, we are victims of Rakhine terrorist attacks. For those who are leaving, I see them as terrorists. That’s how we are trying to address the issue. ‘

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