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Severe conspiracies in Parliament against cancellation of Sixth Amendment

he government and the Opposition members expressed dissatisfaction over the parliament’s decision to terminate the sixteenth amendment of the constitution as “contradictory and court-juristic.” They said that this verdict is planned and motivated. They demanded appropriate legal action after hearing the verdict.

It was expressed in the meeting on Wednesday that anger was expressed at the Parliament. Earlier, at 5 pm, the speaker said. The meeting of the parliament was started in the chairmanship of Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury.

According to the rule 147 (1) of the rules of procedure rules of parliament (General) gave the notice (general) notice of the National Socialist Party (JSD), the main constituency of the government, Mainuddin Khan Badal The members of the discussion discussed this proposal and said this.

Badal said in his proposal, “Parliament’s opinion is that the sixteenth amendment in the constitution of the constitution is to cancel the announcement of the Sixth Amendment Ultra-Vairs (contradicit) with the constitution and to give unconstitutional, objectionable and irrelevant observations about the Jatiya Sangsad and other important matters by the Honorable Chief Justice. Let’s take appropriate legal steps to cancel it. ‘

“The chief justice and other judges should clarify,” said Badal, adding that the Article 96 of the Constitution has pushed the original structure. What will be the way to remove any justice if injustice is done? The Chief Justice has brought the matter in such a way that it seems that there is a conflict between the judiciary and the parliament.

The biggest complaint against this amendment – the freedom of the judiciary has been hit. But we are not hitting any pillar of judicial separation. It did not prove that you dragged irrelevant stuff; You have no right to bring.

This amendment has been canceled unjustly. Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed said in the discussion, “The constitution says, people are the source of all power. We are the elected representative of the people. When we are small, people are reduced.

‘ Tofail Ahmed, who has been called as the friend of the court or the Amicus Curie in this case, said, “Dr. Kamal Hossain is a Awami League anti-Premier, he has made a new party out of Awami League, and Barrister Ameer-ul Islam is not related to Awami League.

Barrister Rokonuddin Mahmud said one thing in the High Court, another statement in the Appellate Division .JJ Mohammad Ali, Mr. Sharif was the Advisor to the Attorney General and one-eleven government appointed by BNP BNP, Fida Kamal was the attorney general of the one-eleven government, Abdul Wadud was the Additional Attorney General of the BNP Act, and Mr. Khan was the minister of Ziaur Rahman of BNP, the only Ajmalul Hussein QC supported the sixteenth amendment.

The Awami League supported or non-cooperative courts Amicus curiae or was not. In fact, this amendment will cancel the amicus curiae was appointed because of the Nine. ”

The Commerce Minister said, there is no Supreme Judicial Council in any major country including the United States, India. In this system, a judge will have to first get the approval of the President if the charges against him are to be heard.

The Prime Minister will do all the work without the appointment of the Prime Minister and Chief Justice in the parliamentary democracy. Ultimately it came in the hands of the executive department. “Our system is more acceptable,” he said. Tofail Ahmed said the chief justice said, “It is not good to talk too much. Chief Justice said, I have been misquoted.

The one who speaks more than is the Miss Coat. Earlier, there was not much debate about any Chief Justice. ‘ Tofail Ahmed said, ‘The appointed judges of our elected president are mature and mature. But we are electrocuted by the people! Many of us were members of the Constituent Assembly.

When we created the constitution, many of these judges were school students. Referring to a case filed against a judge for stalking corruption allegations, he said, “What a wonderful matter.

The ACC can investigate allegations against the Prime Minister, Speaker or Minister, but the allegations of corruption against judges can not be investigated! He further said, “The verdict has been said, the executive and the law department end. Dubbudubu said that he wanted Bangladesh to be dysfunctional (void).

When did he do this? When Bangladesh is going forward under Sheikh Hasina’s leadership. With this verdict, he is trying to cheer the BNP. ‘ State Minister for Labor and Employment Mujibul Haque Chunnu said, “There is no judiciary anywhere in the world.

According to him, due to no law in the appointment of High Court judges in the country and due to no proper method, such complexity and judgment has come. He further said, “The judges in the Sixteenth Amendment were much more secure.

Because the allegation against a judge can not be initiated without the approval of the President. Even if it is proved in the investigation, he will have to accept the President’s approval. ”

State Minister Mujibul Haque said, “To establish the verdict, a magazine has interviewed several people. I do not know why. In this verdict, BNP leader Mahbubuddin Khokan distributed two honey sweets. BNP leader Moudud smiled on his own.

Awami League party member Advocate Fazilatunnesa Bappi criticized the judges, “Who has been the verdict of the Sixteenth Amendment to protect the interests of the people?”

The Supreme Judicial Council as described by Ziaur Rahman’s illegal military rule is their choice? Do not like the democratic constitution of the Constitution of the seventy-two Constitution? ‘ Different countries to remove judges

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