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Zia’s family is investigating assets abroad: PM

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia and her family members are in the process of investigating what the resources are outside the country, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said. If there is evidence in the investigation, measures will be taken and trafficked money will be brought back to the country in legal process.

Replying to a supplementary question of Jatiya Party member Fakhrul Imam in a question-answer session for the Prime Minister on Wednesday, the Prime Minister said In the sense of trafficking BNP leaders including MPs and MPs, 12 countries have assets worth Tk 1.2 billion, the Global Intelligence Network (GIN) reports on the issue highlighted in parliament, whether the Prime Minister knows it or not? He read a few of the lists.

In response, the Prime Minister said, “GINN report has come to the government and the investigation is going on. There is also a system of investigation for money laundering under Bangladesh Bank. ‘ Speaker Dr. In the chairmanship of Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury, the leader of the parliamentary standing committee of the government and opposition MPs answered a number of written and supplementary questions.

Fakhrul Imam told from the GIN report, Khaleda Zia, owner of Al-Arababad shopping mall in the name of daily Ahmed al-Assad in Saudi Arabia. Arafat Rahman, son of Khaleda Zia, owner of ‘Ikra’, a multi-storied commercial building in Qatar. Khaleda’s nephew Tuhin has three houses in Canada. 13,000 shares owned by Marina Bay Hotel and Resorts in Singapore, former Health Minister Dr. Khandaker Mosharraf In the name of former telecom minister and telecommunications minister Barrister Aminul Huq, there are two apartments in Stamford in London.

There are also apartments in the name of Barrister Moudud Ahmed. Mirza Abbas’s wife has a huge building in Dubai. In Singapore, Mirza Abbas bought two apartments in her child’s name. BNP leader Nazrul Islam has apartment in Singapore.

In response, the Prime Minister further said, “After the BNP came to power, killing people as well as terrorism, corruption and money laundering – many such complaints have been made by the people all the time and everyone knows it. In the meantime, Khaleda Zia’s younger son was brought back from the trafficked money.

Awami League government has been able to bring back the money smuggled abroad in Bangladesh’s history. Thanking the opposition from joining the parliament, the parliament leader said, “When somebody brought the question to the opposition, many people would complain that the government was jealous and said these.

However, when the information came out, the government is surely there and the investigation is underway. An investigation committee is working under the Bangladesh Bank. If the information is found, action will be taken against the accused.

Responding to a written question from the MP of the ruling party MP Mamtaz Begum, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “The government has been following zero tolerance policy against terrorism and militancy to form a peaceful country.”

For this reason, Bangladesh has recognized the international community as a responsible state. Significant progress has been achieved in all the indicators of economy in the efficient management of the government. n the progress of social indicators, Bangladesh has progressed in many respects compared to neighboring countries.

Responding to another question of the ruling party MP Faridul Haque Khan, the Prime Minister said, “The present militant activities are a global problem. Bangladesh is no exception.

But the people of this country are religious but not fanatic. As a result, our success in the fight against militancy has already been appreciated in the international arena. The government has adopted zero tolerance policy to contain militants.

It is working with the highest priority. ‘ He said, “As the militants adopt new strategies, they are trying to manage their activities, as well as their money changers and suppliers also adopt different techniques. Intelligence surveillance continues to be about whether foreign remittances and domestic money are used in any militant activities.

In addition, illegal activities, transit, transport and transfers on the border are being carried out in any private school, college, madrasa, hospital, clinic, coaching center, educational institution, NGOs, social and cultural institutions, whether militant activities and organizational activities are being conducted.

Monitoring whether extra money is being given through various courier services, mobile banking and development. Have continued to person. Customized cases related to militant financing are being investigated with utmost importance.

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