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Efforts to keep Sylhet clean almost go in vain

Efforts of Sylhet City Corporations to keep the city clean through using small trash bins almost go in vain due to lack of mass awareness and proper management.

The city corporations of Sylhet have set up around 2,500 small trash bins on the roadside in order to keep the city clean but most of them remain unused.

After the installation of trash bins, several quarters appreciated the move but those dustbins are not being used properly due to lack of mass awareness.

While visiting different areas of Sylhet City Corporation this correspondent found that most of the trash bins remain empty even as waste piles up under them. Only some bins placed in front of markets or shops are being used.

It was also seen that many bins are being stolen and broken due to lack of proper monitoring and maintenance.On the other hand, locals alleged that workers of city corporations do not monitor the trash bins regularly.

As the trash bins remain unclean for long, bad smell spreads from them.Waste management department officials of SCC said the bins have been installed for pedestrians so that they can drop light garbage into those instead of on roads and footpaths that make the city dirty. But many are not doing so.

They drop garbage, including rotten food, coconut and other rotten items, into the bins. As a result, cleaning workers do not want to clean them up.

Chief Waste Management officer of SCC said, ÒWe have conducted a field survey two months ago about our waste bins. In the survey, we have found that two percent bins are completely destroyed, four percent bins are stolen and around 10 percent bins are broken.However, around 84 percent bins are in good condition, he said.

The SCC official said, ÒThose bins were installed for light garbage. But many people put foods and other rotten items.

During the visit, this correspondent also found that pedestrians are not using the bins to drop waste as they are throwing it on the road or footpath, while street vendors prefer the bins.

Lids of many bins have been found missing and their bolts broken. It is also seen that there is no bin in crowded places where it is needed most.

We are working to develop new model bins, which will be durable, he added.General Secretary of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) Abdul Karim kim  said, ÒThese bins will certainly help keep Sylhet city clean if we can utilise them properly.


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