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Britain will not train the Burmese army

Britain has suspended the training of Myanmar soldiers in view of ongoing Rohingya Muslim killings. On Tuesday, the country’s Prime Minister Theresa announced in May. He said that Burmese (another name of Myanmar) will not provide training to the army until its satisfactory solution to the ongoing violence.

While speaking at the UN General Assembly session in New York, May said that his country is going to postpone all kind of relations with Myanmar’s army until the military operation in Rakhine state is closed.

The British Prime Minister said, “We are very concerned about what is happening to Burmese Rohingya people. The military campaign against them (Rohingya) must be closed.

We have seen, many risky people are fleeing to save their lives. Aung San Suu Kyi and the Burmese government need to make it clear that the military operation should be stopped there.

“The British government is announcing today that the Defense Ministry maintains the relationship with the training of Burmese soldiers, to suspend it till the ongoing issue is resolved.

In response to such inquiries, whether he is taking such a step by consulting with the international allies, May said, ‘Rohingya people Sthira quite clear about what is happening to the world’s concerns. I talked to Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau yesterday.

The British government thinks that we must show our reactions and that is why it is going to take the steps until the issue is resolved.

“The British government is not providing war training to the army of Myanmar but the country’s army is providing democracy, leadership and English training to the soldiers. And last year the British government had spent three and a half million pounds.

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