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Messi topped himself

The breakdown of the old record is now a new record for Lionel Messi. Barcelona’s Argentine wizard is constantly making records In the record breaking match, on Tuesday night, he broke his old record and Messi wrote again.

On Tuesday night, Messi scored 4 goals against this time against Spanish La Liga. His team got Barcelona 6-1 in a big win. In this new season, Messi topped the league’s first five matches, In the 2011-2012 season Messi scored the first five goals of the league.

But in the first 5 out of five matches, he scored 8 goals. Against this time 4 goals are more than that, 9 goals in their 5 matches.

Messi could not reach La Liga overlays for his record In the La Liga season, the highest score in the first five matches of the season is 10 goals. The owner of the work is three Pruden, Marcelino Campanal and Pabino – all of them scored equal 10 goals.

Messi has a chance to make a new record even if he can not share the record. Barcelona face Gerona next Saturday. Messi becomes the first player to score a goal in the first 6 matches.

The 5-time FIFA World Player of the Form, which is in Barcelona’s jersey form, it seems that the goal of getting Messi’s goal against the weak Girona is a matter of time.

It is a big thing to have a hat-trick in football. Messi has more than that. Normally after the match at Barcelona’s Ernesto Valverd, 30-year-old Messi was praised five times, “I’m not sure what to say about Messi, I do not know.” He is one of the best intelligent footballers I have seen. In a word, he is an incredible footballer.

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