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North Korea threatened to blow up Trump

US President Donald Trump has threatened to completely destroy the country’s Kim North Korea. He said he would take such a step without actually moving from the nuclear program.Trump said this kind of warning in the United Nations General Assembly speech on Tuesday.

In this kind of provocative speeches of the trump, the gathering of the United Nations General Assembly began. A North Korean diplomat was also present.

Trump said that we have no other alternative but apart from completely eliminating the nuclear program, completely destroying North Korea. He said that Kim Jong Un is directing himself and his country to suicide campaign.

Trump also calls on UN member states to separate North Korea. In addition to Iran, Trump said that he was embarrassed by the fact that his predecessor Barack Obama signed a nuclear deal with Iran in 2015.

He may not allow this time in the mid-October to the time of renewal. Trump further said, I do not think you heard the end of it. He also said that Iran is exporting terrorism, he said. Soon, the US military announced that it is going to be the most powerful force of all time.

Referring to Venezuela’s political instability, he said that the situation there is not acceptable. We will not stand up to the point.

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