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Rohingya Hindu women share horror tales of how Myanmar military killed their husbands

More than 500 Rohingya Hindus have crossed over to Bangladesh to escape military persecution of the minority group in Rakhine, Myanmar that began in late August

Rohingya Hindu men have also been killed by the Myanmar security forces during its latest crackdown on the Rohingya in Rakhine state, but the number has yet to be confirmed.

At least eight Hindu women refugees, who fled to Bangladesh from Rakhine in the last few weeks, said the army killed their husbands in front of them.

Promila Sheel, 25, said she decided to flee to Bangladesh after her husband was killed by the army.

Anika Dhar, 18, escaped to Bangladesh and like Promila, found shelter at Kutupalong’s Hindu camp with 77 other families.

Anika, who is expecting a baby, said her husband Milon worked at a salon in Maungdaw’s Fakira Bazar.

“The army shot him dead on August 27,” she said. “I joined the Muslims and escaped with them.”

As of Monday, more than 410,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh after the Myanmar security forces launched “security operations” targeting Rohingya villages following insurgent attacks on police posts and an army base on August 25, according to UN estimates.

Among the Rohingya refugees are more than 500 Hindus who fled the persecution in their homeland.

Many of these refugees said their houses were attacked, looted and set afire by the security forces.

About 30,000 Arakanese Buddhists, Hindus and Arakanese sub-ethnic residents fled violence apart from the Rohingya, according to Myanmar-based media The Irrawaddy.

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