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BBCCI to create a bridge between Bangladesh and British Bangladeshis through NRB Convention

British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce wants to introduce different aspects of Bangladesh to the new generations of British-Bangladeshis through   Global Convention of NRB. New generation of Bangladeshis in Britain have a misconception about business scope in Bangladesh for different reasons.

There are multiple reasons behind this misconception, such as poor representation of the country and wrong idea and information obtained from different sources about law and order prevailing in there, if this situation continues there will be a gap between new generations who are growing up in Britain and in Bangladesh. That will be a very difficult to minimise the gape, hereupon, Bangladesh will lose an economical possibilities.

The British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce wants to create a bridge between new generation o f British Bangladeshis and Bangladesh. Leaders of Chambers said that they were living in outside Bangladesh for their livelihood but their mind always craving for Bangladesh and its development. Their sons and daughters feel the sentiments they possess, but they become apathetic when they see parents don’t get proper respect in their own country.

A press conference was arranged at Baraka Restaurant in East London on the eve of NRB Global Convention to be held on 21-27 October in 2017 at Sylhet. President of the Chamber Enam Ali MBE discussed whole gamut of preparations of the convention to journalist.

The discussion was attended by Senior Advisor and ex President of the Chamber Shagir Bakth Faruque, Finance Director Monir Ahmed, President of London Region Basir Ahmed, Membership Secretary of of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce Surkum Khaled Ahmed, International Relationship Secretary Abul Hayet Nuruzzaman, community affairs Secretary Dr. SOwner Chowdhury, Deputy Director General Helal Khan, Director Mohaimen Miah, Director Shafiqul Islam, Director, Abdul Monim, Community Leader Ala Uddin and others.

Enam Ali said that, that was the first convention ever held in Bangladesh arranged by British Bangladesh Chamber and Commerce. He said they would try their best to attract the mind of delegates of the Convention. NRB members of the other countries already affirmed that they would attend including hundred delegates confirmed their attendance. Main stream NRB emigrants were from Sylhet, so, the venue for Convention was set there, he further informed.

He further said that their forefathers came and introduced all around the world, they were proud of them, so for the historical reason Sylhet was being chosen as the first venue of NRB convention. The Chamber president sought cooperation of journalists to inspire new generation.

Finance Director Monir Ahmed said, they were working as business representatives of two countries, so, many things to be obtained from the country. He further said that the government was giving preferences to NRB business men.

Senior Advisor and ex President of the Chamber Shahgir Bakth Faruque said, NRB Global Convention was praiseworthy matter, they were prod that The Bangladesh Chamber and Commerce had arranged that. He sought cooperation of all for the success of the international convention.

Regional President Bashir Ahmed said, He hoped the convention would uplift the position of Bangladesh in outer world. He said, the convention would work as an inspiration for new generation as they would get real information about scope of investment in Bangladesh.

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