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Is Mahira Khan depressed with all the hatred she received for her viral pictures?

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan received a lot of hatred on her picture where she was caught smoking with Ranbir Kapoor in New York City. The pictures of them went viral and created a havoc in social media.

But a lot of her friends and even Bollywood celebs defended her and tried stopping the haters from posting insensitive messages.


Now a report says that the actress is very depressed with all of these comments and pictures that are all over the internet. A leading daily says that she is so disturbed that she could not even go to the sets of Mira Sethi’s film with Karachi Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui.


Since she’s a woman, she faced all the more criticism from the social media users than Ranbir did. Some even feel that the pictures were leaked out for a reason by some Bollywood celeb itself.


It was Mahira’s close friend and celeb make-up artist Adnan Ansari who spoke in support of her via Twitter. He tweeted saying,


“Kisi ne meri Mahira ko Kuch kaha toh mujh se bura koi nahi hoga 👊 🏻 #MahiraKhan (sic).”


Ali Zafar was amongst the first people to defend her. He had posted an open letter which said, “What has happened to us? Have we lost all our sense of sensibility? Must we gossip, intrigue and the self appointment right of judgement over restrain, grace, intolerance and compassion? Every woman has the right to make her own choices in life (as long as she’s not hurting anyone else) just like we men do.”


He concluded by writing,  “How we react defines our own character. Choose wisely, for we SHALL be judged.”

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