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TV One starts broadcasting news


Popular electronic media of Bangladeshi community TV One started its journey.  With the hard work and dedication of its team and invaluable support of Bangladesh community both in the UK and in Bangladesh, TV One is now an established name in media world.

As a continuation of this progress, TV one will be broadcasting news from mid November.  To inform this development to the media world and the community, TV one organised a press conference  on 31st of October at its office in East London.

The new TV One news team members are Chief Editor Golam Rasul; Programme Co-ordinator Mahfuzur Rahman Misbah; News Co-ordinator Ajhar Bhyuan; representatives Shah Suhel Ahmed for Leads, Ahmed Ali for Oldham, Mohammod Marafat Ullah Bradford, Amirul Islam Belal Birmingham, Anamul Haque Anam Miton Kings, Mohammod Abul Azad Liverpool, Nurul Amin Majumdar West London, Abu Meron Edinburgh, Rejaul Haque Munna Cardiff.

At the news conference the team again reiterated its dedication to maintain the impartiality while broadcasting news.  They urged support and co-operation from everyone to help to continue to success.

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