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Eviction of illegal settlement of mobile court in Shailkupa

In the Shailkupa Shailikupa Mobile Court, during special operation, the city on the streets of Kabirpur has evacuated the market of vegetables in the morning. Mobile court has fined 2 thousand taka for the mobile court.

Apart from this, a fine of Tk 200 was given to Babatakshi driver for creating traffic congestion at the three road junctions, and a fine of Tk 1,000 from a owner of Russell Tiger store at Bridge Road for unauthorized and unhealthy environment for a truck driver for creating traffic congestion. . In total, a total fine of four thousand two hundred taka was recovered.

After conducting a mobile court on Monday morning, Upazila Executive Officer and Executive Magistrate Md. Usman Ghani said that important road marching for the transfer of vegetables to certain places for the purpose of resolving traffic congestion of three roads in Kabirpur. Then, on Monday morning, the mobile court has been transferred to the local market through the local court.

In the meantime, illegal installations and signboards have been evicted to keep the hospital gate free of traffic and vehicles are not parked. They were fined for causing traffic congestion with Bettyxy and Baloo filling trucks. Shailkupa Police Station Officer-in-Charge Alamgir Hossain, SI Life and other officials were present along with the mobile court.

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